DJI Mavic 2 Enterprise Thermal (Dual), edizione universale


DJI Mavic 2 Enterprise (Dual) – Universal Edition

Universally applicable. Technically trend-setting.
Developed for a new generation of aerial work, the Mavic 2 Enterprise is a versatile tool for creating modern workflows.
-Dual Camera
-OcuSync 2.0
-Modular accessories
-password protection
-DJI AirSense

Visual and thermal imaging camera
-Built-in FLIR Radiometric Thermal Imager
-Adjustable parameters
-For emissivity & reflective surfaces
-Different display modes:
-FLIR MSX, thermal and visual image

Be an industry leader. With limitless possibilities.
Discover more options for flight applications with the special connection for expansion modules1. The connection allows the attachment of additional accessories and allows you to tailor performance for critical applications.

M2E Loudspeaker
Communicate directly with the ground crews during missions, pilot pilots and forces on site effectively through the mission.

M2E headlights
People search easier than ever thanks to dual headlamps for use in dark environments.

M2E Collision Warning Light
Perform nocturnal missions with greater security as other pilots can easily spot the drone in the field.

Your flight safety. Our most important goal.
From take-off to landing, we’ve redefined the connection from pilot to drone and environment, ensuring you can always fly safely and productively.

Your aircraft with your data. You retain control.
Simply enter your password and you will have full control over the aircraft and its functions. The intuitive way of logging in always ensures access to the data in the aircraft and thus prevents unauthorized access to sensitive data.

Always in the picture about the immediate airspace.
DJI AirSense avoids dangerous situations and improves airspace safety with immediate warnings about manned aircraft in the vicinity.

Fly safer than ever before.
The improved Flight




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